Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Taking More Action!

Guest Blog from Christine LaFrankie

It's time!! Sound the alarms! Blow those horns! Crack that whip! This has been long overdue! Sitting, eating, not doing. No time for pity stories or the old beat the club over the head, "Woe is me." I am good enough! I am smart enough! Doggonit, people like me! So, what's the excuse, bring it on chicky! I will be assertive! I will find a way! I can negotiate with myself. A new dawn has risen and a dark heart is here. I can't believe it all these years and I never really understood the power of the word...the power and the healing of the pen and paper. Hold on to your hats ladies. Watch out as I zip through all the gossip, jargon, and bullshit! Someone beep a horn for me because if you don't then I'm liable to hit something dead on. No seat belt here. Bring on the police sirens. I'm wanted by the law. I've been judged by the judge. He knows my story. I'm hell on wheels gals and you better believe it! Slowly staking out the prey and planning the attack! Jump for joy if your with me so we'll be ready for take off. The delay was neccessary. We had to get our peace of mind first. Can't get out there with no head. We'd be like chickens running around just flaping our wings wondering...who the hell turned off the lights? Get on board the Chinese Express we're going to Never never land forever together no matter the weather. So, flap those feathers and repeat after me, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home!" (Spirit in the sky song plays and fades out.)

--Christine LaFrankie,

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