Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School: The 4Ps are the new 3Rs

Yikes! Have you looked at a calendar lately? Summer is drawing to a close and Labor Day is just 2 weeks away! It's officially "Back to School" season!

But, going back to school is very different today than in years past. Not only is the learning equipment much different (computers and calculators vs. composition books and multiplication tables), students must study many more subjects to become successful in today's world.

As writers we have new tools and new subjects to study, too. But that doesn't mean we abandon all knowledge up to this point. The basics of publishing are still meaningful, but in a new context. Just like students have found the 3Rs—Reading 'Riting and 'Rithmetic—have gone the way of language arts, phonics and mathematics, we have to learn the updated versions of what is needed in the publishing world.

4Ps to Publishing Success has always been about educating new and aspiring authors about the process. And every year since its inception (2005), an updated version of the workshop or book has been created. Well, we've taken up one notch and now we're introducing the most powerful and complete course of study for writers to date: 4Ps University, and we are  are now enrolling for fall!

See everything this comprehensive home study course (with weekly live Q&A) offers here>>

And, to make it easy on the pocketbook for those who are facing other Back to School expenses (Have you seen the 'supplies needed' lists being sent home by teachers today?), 4Ps University is offering a steep Early Registration Discount on the already ridiculously-low tuition.

So, start shining those apples and sharpening those pencils. It's time to go Back to School and brush up on those 4Ps to Publishing Success! Don't just take my word for it, read what 4Ps  "graduates" have to say>>

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm on YouTube (finally)

My first-ever YouTube video shares exciting info on how having a powerful answer to the question, "What's your book about?" can double your book sales.

Please watch the video. I would love your feedback.

Please join me on VIP Author Talks when I interview Beverly Bergman, The Copywriting Queen. The program "Writing About Yourself & Your Book" will help also you create compelling and effective copy to use in blogs,web copy, marketing materials, social networking and media releases. All the program deets and registration info here>>

Saturday, August 07, 2010

4Ps to Publishing Success Ebook Give Away Ends August 15

Are you experiencing a heatwave where you live? We certainly are here in Asheville.   Although I do have to snicker just a bit. You see, after living in South Florida for 27 years and putting up with "heatwave conditions" daily from May through September, a few weeks of temps in the 90s and some moderate humidity seem like a minor inconvenience.

But, hot is hot. And here's something else to heat you up...but in a good way! You can download the digital edition of 4Ps to Publishing Success, your step-by-step guide through the publishing process for F.R.E.E. right now.

I really mean "right now" because this fabulous opportunity comes with a deadline: August 15. So, not much more time. Do it now, before you forget and it's too late.

See the big Sign Up arrow to your right? That's the place to enter your name and email and get immediate access to the tips, tools and resources that thousands of writers have used on their way to publishing success. (See who needs this book here.)

Learn how to heat up the pages of your manuscript or the path of readers to your book. It's all in 4Ps to Publishing Success ebook. You can't beat this F.R.E.E. offer, even at twice the price ;-D