Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can you help me prepare for my book launch?

This is an exciting day for me. I''m about to send the final manuscript for my novel The Prince Charming Hoax to the ebook formatter! She will take my Word document and turn it into a file that can be uploaded to Kindle and another file for the Smashwords platform. Why two files/versions? Kindle has its own format (.mobi), while Smashwords takes the Word document (which has been formatted to its specifications) and churns it into to files that can then be accepted by Nook (Barnes & Noble), iBookstore (Apple), Kobo, Sony, and a host of other ebook distributors. Did I mention that my only cost here will be to the formatter? No fee from either Kindle or Smashwords to publish the ebook!

Initially, I'm going to launch my ebook on Kindle only, using the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select program. That requires a 90-day exclusivity agreement. When I first learned of the program, I wondered why anyone would agree to restrict where his or her book could be offered for sale. But, I read many success stories of how the program was utilized to boost sales, and I've decided to give it a try.

What can you learn as I launch my debut novel, The Prince Charming Hoax?
Hehe. I'm hoping you won't find out what not to do! But, I'm going to share (via my blog) the step-by-steps of my launch and promotion activity for the 90 days on KDP Select. Some of the things you can learn include:

  • How to prepare and upload your ebook to Kindle
  • Pricing considerations
  • Marketing strategies
  • Promotional tools and resources
  • Social media promotion
How can you help me launch my book?
So many ways, in so little time! Here's how you can help in just minutes—no, seconds—per effort.
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  1. Great post. I would love to host you on my blog. Why not stop by and see what I normally talk about and see where you fit in.

    1. Thanks so much! I've been to your blog and will get in touch with you;-)