Friday, July 02, 2010

Authors, Celebrate Independents Day All Month Long

nybldgtop_flagNo, that's not a misspelling. (Come on, I've been an editor for over 30 years.)

On July 4, America celebrates Independence Day. This year, VIP Authors can continue partying for the entire month when they take advantage of the new VIP Author Inner Circle 6-month membership program (July through December 2010).

The 2010 yearly membership is now closed, but savvy VIPs can hop on board the Inner Circle for only $75 for the rest of the year! (If you can't wait to take advantage of this opportunity, join now and come back to read the rest of the post later.)

So why are we calling it Independents Day Month? Maybe you say you're not an independent author—your book is already published by Simon & Schuster, or maybe you're aspiring to get an agent and traditional publisher. Well, I say it doesn't matter who your publisher is (you or HarperCollins). ALL authors are independent authors, because ultimately all authors are responsible for their own success.

You may have noticed that even the Big Publishers expect their authors to come ready with a platform, community of readers, blog and/or website, and marketing plan. So, indie authors and traditionally published authors have to do the same work...we're all one.

In the spirit of the colonists overthrowing their tyrannical oppressors, break free of the stifling old attitudes and join forces with like-minded writers who are ready to take control of their  publishing success. The VIP Authors Inner Circle program provides education and support for all authors. See all membership benefits here>>

VIP Authors embrace independence! We rise to the challenge, eager to adapt the new technology and resources to our own advantage. VIP Authors don't wait for permission, we're too busy following our dreams IRL (in real life).

All we ask is your commitment--not for a year, but only 6 months! (And, at an insanely low price.) That's why this offer is available during July only. Register this month, or be closed out for the rest of the year!

It's not too late to turn those almost-forgotten 2010 New Year's resolutions to get published this year into reality. Come January 2011, will you be where you are now...or will you be clinking your glass to celebrate your continued success in the new year?

VIP Authors choose NOW. What do you choose?

Good. Register here and start celebrating your independence in the VIP Authors Inner Circle program today.

BONUS OFFER: Register by July 10 and download all the VIP Author Talks and Open Coaching audio recordings from January through June 2010--an additional 6 months of value!! But act now, because on July 11, the material is being archived and will no longer be available!

Quick! Register now and start downloading! Remember, you must sign up by July 10 to get the extra goodies.

P.S. The new 6-month program is an opportunity for new members to join. If you are an Inner Circle member already, just pat yourself on the back and get ready to welcome new friends. If it's time for you to renew, don't'll get a reminder email and you can get the special price, too.

P.P.S. Photo ©Joe Gemignani. All rights reserved. See more like this>>

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