Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Where should I begin?

Hi. I was wondering what training you had in writing or if you just learned by doing/experience, reading books/trial and error? --Stacy

Dear Stacy,

That's a good question. I've been an avid reader and have enjoyed writing since I was very young. I majored in English Language & Literature in college and went to work for a publishing company when I graduated. I'm sure I took some creative writing classes in school, although now I wish I'd taken more!

So, to answer your question, I had some training in writing. The desire is instinctual, but I think reading and many years of editorial work helped shape my skills the most. I'm a really big fan of re-writing, re-writing, re-writing. I read my own work over and over and edit continually.

As far as where to begin...start on the page. Write every day. Read good literature and well-written journalism (New York Times, World Street Journal). Subscribe to a writer's magazine or two. And re-write, re-write, re-write.

Thanks for contacting me. It's so nice to hear from visitors to my site!

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