Tuesday, February 21, 2006

An artist’s sense of self-worth

A guest blog from Jyoti Peswani

As writers and members of the right-brained congregation, we sure are a sensitive lot. We’re sensitive about our creation and find it hard to draw boundaries sometimes. We become so attached to what we write that it’s hard to be ‘impersonal’ about it. Let me tell you a story. Recently, a very difficult situation at work has had me all shook up. I have heard extreme opinions about myself. A group of people admire my professionalism and enjoy working with me against someone who is determined to run down every concerted effort I have made even after I quit!

This in my eyes is a very valuable insight being offered to me by life itself. Never depend on opinions to assess your self-worth as an artist. Believe in everything you create because something like writing comes from the heart not the head. The head starts to do its job when we start to adhere to professional guidelines. But the initial rush of the thoughts being transformed to written words is astounding. Yes there is always room for improvement, the know it all attitude doesn’t help in any way.

I am from the live and learn school of thought. I have always treasured my humility toward my profession and for me it’s like worship. I am learning that life is full of opportunities and choices and a job or a person cannot ruin that. Keeping the faith in all situations – good or bad is the secret to flying higher skies. Some of us learn the hard way, some get it quick – either way, the lesson is what matters the most.

I am new in this country – it’s been three years and the ride has been great. I started from scratch and this situation has put me back to the pavilion. My inner reserves are saturated and maybe this situation is an eye-opener to renew my faith – as a writer, as an editor and as a student of life. Obstacles are the biggest teachers; I am beginning to understand that.
Here is a message for fellow writers – the struggle is surely worth the wait. The wait maybe getting published, starting something of your own, growing as an artist – anything at all but the essence of it is being yourself. Realizing your full potential, coming to terms about the fact that no matter what the negative self-chatter or unreasonable criticism may tell you, it is about knowing your worth at all times. Sometimes survival in itself may be the most successful idea- you will take great pride to live to tell the tale. Keep the faith, the rest is sure to follow.

Jyoti Peswani, a.k.a Jo, is a writer, teacher, editor and someone who
looks for creativity in every aspect of life. You can email her at

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