Monday, April 29, 2013

Want to be a Friend with Benefits?

Before we get started, I want to make it perfectly clear: "No, not THOSE kind of benefits!"

If you're reading this post, you probably follow Shelley Lieber, The Wordy Woman to learn more about writing and publishing. But as you probably know, Shelley is a split personality and her alter ego, Elyse Grant, has written a novel, THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX. In order to keep this blog free of frequent mentions on other topics, namely Elyse and the book, we have a separate site and a separate list for those who are interested in timely updates, events, and giveaways from Elyse. 

Here's where I get to the good part...
Elyse has a "Hot List" of readers who want to help her spread the word about her book by sharing information with their friends who would be interested in the novel. This group of dedicated readers love to get first dibs on new offers, events, and giveaways...and they are happy to share the news once they get it. They are always first on the list of readers and get insider-only advance looks at new work and fun opportunities to be part of Elyse's writing and publishing process. And they get lots of "thank you" gifts for their support, including freebies and red-carpet treatment from Elyse. 

In fact, Elyse is gearing up right now for a HUGE promotion and the Hot List will be receiving their insider benefits in just a few short weeks--gifts that won't be available to anyone else.

We would love for you to join the Hot List of Friends with Benefits if you're interested in that kind of arrangement ;-) Why not at least join for a test drive? You can always unsubscribe if you find this isn't the relationship for you. Get on the Hot List now by clicking here or filling out the form at the top right column of this page. (To those of you already on the list...thanks for your loyalty and get ready for some really hot stuff coming your way!)

Take a Quick Peek at What's Inside The Prince Charming Hoax

Elyse has been posting short snippets from the book since it came out several months ago. Here are links to scenes that will give you a good inside look at the characters and the story.

Leah and Doug
Leah and Jonathan
Roxie meets D.J.
Roxie and D.J. on their first date
Girl Talk worth the eavesdropping
Where divorced women meet men in the suburbs

To go directly to the site and have your choice of excerpts, click here.


  1. I'm going to follow your hot list and this blog and see what it's all about. I'm a self-published author of romantic suspense who enjoys selling her books but just isn't convinced about these 'give aways' - self-promotion is difficult for a writer who just wants to ---- write, you know? Fun finding you on the Friday Boomer Post.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! The strategy of "giveaways" is a hot topic and getting a lot of press and discussion on blogs. No right or wrong way to do this, and I think each other has to follow his/her own intuitive guidance.