Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Meet First Love Blog Hop Author Brian Bigelow

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From Author Brian Bigelow...

There might be old Twilight Zone episodes, might be old hard rock songs and even a few things my kids did when they were growing up. Some of it’s even from the deepest recesses of the authors mind and nightmares that they have. I remember an interview with Stephen King where he mentioned that his stories were based on
nightmares he had. I’m not sure I want one like “Misery” to tell you the truth though that could possibly happen. Think I would want to run if someone came up to my table and told me they were my biggest fan. Yaaaaahhhhh!

The stories in Horror Bent are mostly meant to entertain. Though there are some real elements here and there they are not real. They are fiction and they are the kind of stories I like to read.

In “Dance of Death” I wondered what would have happened if they got the mustard gas mixture wrong. What if it raised the dead instead? That was a definite start to a story and it’s one of my personal favorites from the book.

“Liturgy” involves a possessed crystal where the demon inside in turn feeds on someone’s anger. It also possesses and in some cases if they enough anger it will kill them.

“Witchery Afoot” began when I started thinking about a Twilight Zone episode (The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street) and I happened to be reading something about the Salem witchcraft trials. It turned into a real story and a shorter version of it came in second in short story contest.

That should give you a little bit of an overview of the stories.

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