Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wanted: Rockstar Authors

Reinvention is NOT limited to rockstar musicians!

Do you remember Madonna's Reinvention Tour back in 2004? Like her innovative style, the "reinvention" concept was picked up by other artists. The latest one I could find on Google was the Superchick Reinvention Tour this year. But why should recording artists have all the fun?

Reinvention is not limited to rock star musicians! I'm officially announcing the Wordy Woman Reinvention Tour for Rockstar Authors. And you're the first stop!

The first leg of the tour was merging my three writers' groups as part of the "rebranding" process. I'm not quite ready to reveal the new logo and brand, but good things are happening already, just as a result of taking that first step and bringing all the groups under one umbrella.

And the first benefit is that I have more time to work "one on one" with those of you who want personal feedback and guidance on your publishing journey. I've decided to re-establish private coaching for select candidates who want to get on the fast-track to publishing success.

Are you ready for "reinvention" too? You know you are if you're not moving forward with your book or you feel you need "more." Could be more accountability, more personal feedback, more encouragement, more direction, more instruction, more help, more...well, coaching.

Or perhaps you want some specific guidance with writing, publishing, self-publishing, marketing or social media.

The Wordy Woman Reinvention Tour begins its pre-launch on Monday, November 1. The first leg (week) of the tour is devoted to one-on-one discussions with those who are interested in private consulting.  If that's you, I'm inviting you to join the tour and chat with me about your publishing goals. This first consultation is free.

If you are seriously interested in taking your work to the next level, I want to talk to you next week. Any day, any time that's available.

Here's how it works (very simple):
  • Send an email with your phone number and top three (3) day and time requests for next week only (Monday through Friday, November 1-5, 10am ET to 6pm ET).

  • Please limit your time requests to the hour or half hour (10:00, 10:30, etc) and remember to request your appointment in Eastern Time.

  • I'll respond and confirm, assigning you to the  first availability on your list that is not already booked.

  • You MUST include your phone number.
This offer is limited to serious inquiries only. If private coaching is not in your budget or time schedule, this is not the offer for you. However, if you're ready to join the Wordy Woman Reinvention Tour for Rockstar Authors and supercharge your publishing dreams, get on the bus now. Tour begins Monday.

I will fill the available private coaching spots on a first-come, first-serve basis from these free consultations. When all the private coaching spots are filled, the free consults will end. Since I have time to serve only 4 to 6 private clients, it's possible all the spots will be taken in the first day or two.

This offer is no longer available.

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