Thursday, April 02, 2009

5 Steps You Can Take to Publish Now

Yesterday's teleclass "Books are NOT Dead! 5 Steps You Can Take to Publish Now" ROCKED! Here is just some of the feedback I've gotten already:

"As always, it's a pleasure listening in on your talks about publishing and the writing business." --Joey Naudic

"Really enjoyed the conference call. It was informative, well organized and filled with useful insights."--Jenna Rosen

"I thought the call today was amazing! I'm was extremely inspired and motivated with all the information you shared. It is a strong confirmation that I'm doing the right things at the right time. I'm still in awe!!! I'm trying to calm down inside! This is an exciting time!" --Yolanda Berry

"I appreciated your time today and am seriously considering putting some audio (and maybe even video) on the blog because of what you mentioned. Thanks again!" --Alicia Sample

If you were unable to make yesterday's tele-class about what you can do right now to publish in today's market, here is the audio recording.

5 Steps You Can Take Right Now to Publish

You can also hear the replay by dialing (641) 715-3412, Access Code 171279#.

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